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Convo SDK

SDK containing all the functions you'll need to build on

🌲 Tree Shaking Supported ✔️
🆓 Side Effect Free ✔️
🪨 Fully TypeScript Compatible ✔️

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npm i --save degen @theconvospace/sdk

Browser (UMD)

<script src=""></script>


import { Convo } from "";


Grab and install the latest realease from @theconvospace/sdk @theconvospace/react


  1. Generate and Copy your API key from

  2. Import Convo Space in your own project.

    const { Convo } = require('@theconvospace/sdk');
  3. Setup an new instance of Convo using

    const convo = new Convo("apikey")

    Replace apikey with your newly generated key.

Sample Projects

  1. NextJS/React Sample Project
    Code | Demo -

  2. Browser (Vanilla JS) Sample Project
    Code | Demo -


Last updated on September 8, 2022