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Getting Started

Getting Started

Key Concepts

To spin a conversation around/on any element of the Web, Convo needs two central parameters,

  • An origin url: This sets which website the message is coming from.
  • A threadId: This sets the context (an anchor) around what is being talked about, An article, A transaction, An NFT, A Post, really could be anything. Convo recommends following community standards around common elements like Ethereum Addresses, NFTs etc, but this value can be implemented in anyway an application likes. This helps maintain a common thread of thought throughout the web.

Choose Your Adventure

Convo Embeds

This is the simplest, 1-line-of-code solution, to integrate a Convo in your website/blog in a matter of minutes by simply copy pasting an iframe embed code.

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Convo API

Using the API directly gives you a raw way of accessing Convo's core protocol and functionality. Build all the way from a simple comment section to a full blown decentralized reddit on top of Convo Space.

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Convo SDK

The SDK is a wrapper around the API making it easier and more accessible to build on the Convo Space. Available for JavaScript/TypeScript. Go SDK shipping soon.


Experience and Build on Convo Space natively integrated into different platforms.

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Convo Bridge

Map your Web2 Accounts to your Web3 Identity. ⚠️ Under heavy Developement.

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Omnid is the decentralized Identity Layer of the internet that enables developers and platforms understand about the actual on/off-chain behaviours and actions of a user in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

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Need Help?

✉️ Need dedicated support for your project or just wanna ask a question? Please reach out to our community if you run into any issues.